5 Summer Nail Designs Using Only a Toothpick

5 Summer Nail Designs Using Only a Toothpick :
Another cute and easy nail art – Toothpick Nails! This nail tutorial shows 5 nail designs using only a toothpick! All you need for these cute nail designs is a toothpick and nail polishes. Nail Art cannot get any easier and cuter than that. After watching this easy nail art tutorial, you’ll be able to achieve 5 cute nail designs.

I love making quick, simple, easy, cool and cute nail art designs and that’s what this nail tutorial is all about! So set your nails, pick a toothpick and follow the nails tutorial to achieve cool nails! It doesn’t matter if you have short nails or long nails – I have short nails, but you can apply this nail tutorial and nail designs to long nails too. All 5 nail art designs are really easy and simple, perfect for beginners in nail art.

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