DIY Elegant Sparkly Winter Nail Art : Hi guys! I just love this simple but elegant glittery gradient. It’s so wintery and sparkly! And I think it’s perfect for celebrating the first night of Chanukah.
Easy Winter Nail Designs 2018.
Acrylic Nails Winter Design Sugared Snow.
Winter Nail Art Design 2018 Apply Glitter-Gel white opalic, equal to White Diamond Glittermix add (2min harden).
EASY SNOWFLAKE NAIL ART : Today I show you an easy pastel snowflake nail art design for the Winter season. Firstly apply a base coat to protect your natural nails. Paint your middle nail white [More]
How to Winter Nail Art Tutorials.
Nail Art Tutorials Winter 2018 Hi beautiful! Here are my fave nail looks for this winter season.
Ombre Cable Knit Sweater Nails Tutorial.
3 Winter French Tip Nail Designs.
Sweater Nail Art Tutorial for Winter : Holiday Nail Designs! Today i will show you 5 нoliday nail art designs tutorial how to create 3D Cable Knit Sweater Nails! Hope you like this video and [More]
Easy Winter Wonderland Nails Tutorial : Hey everyone! This is a nail art tutorial for my favorite mani I’ve done so far. It’s really easy to do, SO pretty, and perfect for beginners.
Winter Nail Designs: Writing on The Snow Nail Art Tutorial : Footprints on snow or painting on snow is super fun, fast and easy design for this winter. You can create any lines, footprints, etc. [More]
Winter Nail Art: Polar Bear Wearing A Scarf My first winter nail art tutorial of the year! I hope you love it!