How To Create a Cuff Nail Design with Gel Polish

How To Create a Cuff Nail Design with Gel Polish :
Hey Guys,
So, in this video, we are going to look at Cuff Nails, I get asked quite often how to do this technique in a quick and simple way. I don’t know why, but it does confuse some people. so lets, take a look.

People ask me, which part do you do first? is it the cuticle area, or is it the free edge? How do you get the curve/cuff so perfect? I find it easiest to do the cuticle area first, and you just need to do a thin coat down the rest of the nail, there is no point in wasting your gel polish as it’s going to be covered by another anyway.

Once you have cured your first coat, you can go in with the other color and this is where you have to get that curve nice and even, the first coat doesn’t need to be perfect, as you are going to refine the edge with the second coat.

This is a very simple design but it can be used to great effect for clients who are not into blingy nails. This can be their accent nail.

Have you ever tried a cuff nail before? Make sure you share all of your creations with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Have a great weekend.

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