How to Encapsulate Burnt Paper into an Acrylic Nail

How to Encapsulate Burnt Paper into an Acrylic Nail :
Hi Guys,
Oh my god, we had mucho fun doing this video, and we nearly burnt down the studio!!
This is definitely a DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME type of video unless you have adult supervision.
So for a while now I have wanted to do this, I love the look of burnt paper, it fascinates me, the blackened edges, then the brown burnt bits. I also wanted to see what would happen when I encapsulated paper, whether it would look soggy or dry.

So this is a great accent nail, you could use the other acrylic colours or even the blue for the rest of the design, and just have this one to stand out!
The easy part of this was the sculpting, burning was the hard part, I think I nearly set my hair on fire at one point. Adam really wanted to hose me down with the fire extinguisher. I am pretty sure it was touch an go at one point.
So this design is finished with some beautiful glitters which are available on all of the websites we have, makes sure you got to the right site for your country or continent, If you are in Australia, you can order from the US site.

So I hope you enjoy this video.

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