Mermaid Nails | Nail Art Tutorial

Mermaid nails are a new nail art trend. They can be created on all enhancement systems such as gel, acrylic or fiberglass. In this mermaid tutorial, we will show you step by step how an easy nail art is created with gel nail polish and nail art glitter powder. You can do this yourself easily and without much effort, whether you are in a professional nail salon or at home. Our nail technician Peggy will show you the complete work with possible color varieties so that you will be able to create a suitable nail art for your outfit adequate to any season or occasion. As a full coverage and colored base paint, Peggy uses our NAILEON gel nail polishes. Then the glitter particles are mixed into the dispersion layer. Depending on the distribution of the glitter, amazing color effects develop. Whether you prefer classic mermaid nails in green/blue shades or in totally different color combinations, your nails will always look elegant and sensational.

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