Nail Tips vs Nail Forms

Nail Tips vs Nail Forms:

Suzie explains the difference of using Tips vs Forms to create beautiful Nails.

0:29 Five different Tip Designs
1:38 For this design Suzie chooses a clear tip
2:07 Sizing and Fitting a Tip
4:20 Apply Tip with Glue
4:57 Buff surface of Tip
5:10 Applying Acrylic with French/Baby Boomer Technique
5:46 Using a Form
5:56 Place the Form under the nail
6:40 Applying Acrylic to Build the French/Baby Boomer Nail
7:49 Sculpt with File
8:22 Oil the Cuticle to clean dust
8:46 Wash Hands before Polish
8:52 Tip vs Nail: Nail Tech personal choice
9:02 Why Suzie uses Forms
9:45 Finished Reveal Photo’s
9:54 Final advice on Tips vs Forms

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