Summer Beach Nails Designs.
SNS COLOR DESIGN TIPS We can do whatever design you wanna do for nails. Best Nail Designs 2018.
Sns Nail Colors Application.
How to Perfect Sns Dip Powder Design : From proper Gelous base coat application, to perfecting Gelous color coatings, SNS shares the best way to create a dip powder manicure.
How To Do Pink and White Dipping Powder : This step-by-step video will show you how to do Pink and White Dipping Powder with Lisa Nail Beauty. SNS dipping powder has no liquid, no primer [More]
How To Do a Dip Powder Nail Fill : We are often asked how to perform a fill on dip powder nails. Its actually very simple and quite similar to filling and acrylic set, you [More]
Crystal Bling Nails Art Tutorial.
Neon Ombre With Bling Nail Art Tutorial : Hey my Prissy’s, welcome back to my channel! Today I’m demonstrating how I got this beautiful neon ombre set with some bling! Thanks so much for watching. [More]
Bling Nails: How to Apply Rhinestones.
Purple Short Bling  Nail Art.
Bling Diva Nail Art Design 2018 : Today is a diamond sparkle bling design for long nails! Neon HOT PINK with black and white zebra print details in chevron french tips are a must have [More]
EASY SNOWFLAKE NAIL ART : Today I show you an easy pastel snowflake nail art design for the Winter season. Firstly apply a base coat to protect your natural nails. Paint your middle nail white [More]