How to Winter Nail Art Tutorials.
Nail Art Tutorials Winter 2018 Hi beautiful! Here are my fave nail looks for this winter season.
Ombre Cable Knit Sweater Nails Tutorial.
20 Nail Design For Summer 2018.
Sharpie Butterfly Nail Art Design Summer : Hey guys, I have had enough of winter weather, so I want to create something a little summery. Butterflies are what I used to associate with summer, but [More]
Summer Cherry Nail Art Design Tutorial : HEY GUYZ! Today I’m showing you a tutorial for these SUPER easy cherry nails, it was so fun to create this nail art look. I wanted to post [More]
EASY SUMMER NAILS DESIGN Hey loves!! I hope you enjoy this fun video.
Nail Art For Beginners Using A Toothpick : No tool nail art! Only a household item: A TOOTHPICK! In today’s nail art tutorial, Hannah will be showing you 5 easy and cute nail art designs [More]
How to Acrylic Almond Finger Nails Shape.
How to Almond Shaped Acrylic Nails Design : In this video from the NAILS Troubleshooter series, Elaine Watson, vice president of marketing and sales for Star Nail International, shows how to file an almond nail [More]
Nude & White Ice Almond Acrylic Nails.
Matte Black Acrylic Nails.