Sally Hansen: “Miracle Gel” Nail Polish Review & Demo HD

Gel nail polish:


In today’s video I will be reviewing Sally Hansen’s new Miracle Gel nail polishes in the colors: “Pink Caldillaquer” and “Sugar Fix”
* At the end of the video, I actually share how my nails held up with a week of these polishes! Enjoy!!

Things you may want to know:
– I purchased my nail polishes at Target and Ulta.
– I *highly* recommend purchasing the value pack and then using the coupon inside to get $2 off the next bottle of nail polish.
– I found that it’s very important to allow plenty of dry time between coats. Though the nail polish holds up well, like a traditional gel manicure, it does not dry instantly since there is no UV lamp
– This nail polish states to let “natural light” do the rest. So I did allow for my nails to sit at the window for about 5 mins, but the polish still needed a solid 30 minutes before I felt comfortable enough to get dressed etc.
– I have also painted my nails at night (so I did not get any natural light to “dry” the polish) and it still worked BUT I did have to wait a solid hour before I felt comfortable enough to change my clothes, etc.
– This nail polish removes with normal nail polish remover/acetone. & It’s not difficult to remove at all. So no sitting and soaking your nails for 5 hours like traditional gel polishes!

*Though that might seem like a lot of things to note, I thoroughly enjoy these polishes and at this point, I actually find it quite difficult to revert to a miracle gel nail color!

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